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Script & app name: Automatic Links

Script & app name price: 9$

Script & app category: php-scripts/miscellaneous

Script & app published: 2022-03-15T16:51:59+11:00

Script & app update: 2022-03-15T20:42:12+11:00

Script & app sales amount: 4 (New)

Script & app rating: 0 (New)

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Script & App Description

Automatic Links - 1

Automatic Links is a PHP class that allows you to automatically apply links on a HTML document.

This class is already in use in other products from our portfolio. In particular, it’s adopted to apply the automatic links in WordPress plugins with thousands of users, like Interlinks Manager.

This class uses PHP regular expressions to generate the links from a list of keywords and URLs provided by the user.

It’s worth noting that this class…


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