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Backup Manager for MailWizz EMA

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Script & app name: Backup Manager for MailWizz EMA

Script & app name price: 29$

Script & app category: php-scripts/add-ons

Script & app published: 2014-07-09T14:42:57+10:00

Script & app update: 2021-10-27T23:03:38+11:00

Script & app sales amount: 602 (New)

Script & app rating: 4.54 (New)

Script & app tags: archive backup,backup manager,backups,command line,command line backup,linux backup,mailwizz backup,mysql backup,schedule backup

Script & App Description

Backup Manager for MailWizz EMA

Important: This extension is compatible only with MailWizz 2.x.
If you are still using MailWizz 1.x, you can still purchase a license for this extension and contact us to provide you the extension compatible with MailWizz 1.x.

This extension enables one-click backup and scheduled backups for your MailWizz EMA powered application!
Since MailWizz EMA is under a continue and active development, releasing new version on a regular basis, it’s always a strugle and time consuming task to backup your data before an update.
This extension aims to alleviate this and to make the entire update and backup process easier and faster, if until now the backup process…


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