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It’s almost spring! That means: The pollen is blooming and your car’s cabin filter is working at full speed. So now is the perfect time to replace the pollen filter. In this article, we will tell you how you can change the cabin filter in just a few steps. Are you ready to go? Well then we can start!


  1. Changing the cabin filter: That’s why it’s important
  2. Change the cabin filter in good time
  3. Changing the pollen filter: how it works!
  4. Replacing cabin filters made easy

Changing the cabin filter: That’s why it’s important

More and more Germans are suffering from pollen allergies. Maybe you too? Especially in spring, allergy sufferers struggle with itching, sneezing attacks and hay fever. So that this does not become a problem when driving, your cabin filter jumps into action for you. The pollen filter prevents allergy-causing pollen from entering your vehicle through your ventilation and air conditioning.

  • However, the pollen filter does much more than just capture the pollen. That’s why it’s actually also called “interior filter” or “cabin air filter”.
  • Because with that not only pollen, but also dust and pollutants (such as nitrogen dioxide) intercepted.

Of course, a pollen filter also only has a limited service life. After a certain time the effect wears off; then it’s time to change the cabin filter!

Change the cabin filter in good time

You’ve probably wondered when you should replace the cabin air filter. Here is the answer: In order to prevent the critical pollen season, you should change the cabin filter in good time. But what does time mean? Quite simply: Before the air pollution increases and the filter is overused. Therefore, it makes general sense to Cabin filter before burglary or. at the very beginning the pollen season exchange.

Our tip: We recommend you once a year to change the cabin filter, preferably during the spring car check. In this way you save yourself (and your passengers) unpleasant odors in the car… With higher mileage, the change should be made more frequently (after about 15,000 km).

Good to know: Changing the pollen filter is one of the simpler jobs on your car. So you can easily do the replacement yourself – and save a lot of money (and time) at the same time. cool right?

Changing the pollen filter: how it works!

Before you start changing the cabin filter, you should clarify one thing: Where is the filter installed in your car and from where is the filter accessible? Don’t worry: we’ll help you with that, of course.

Where is the cabin filter located?

It all depends on what car you drive. Then depending on the vehicle model Is the pollen filter somewhere else? There is only three ways:

  • Either you have to open the hoodto get to the cabin air filter (examples: SEAT Arosa, 3 Series BMW/E46, VW Phaeton, VW Golf 4).
  • Or you can find the filter in the footwell of the vehicle (passenger side) – under the glove compartment (example: Golf 5 or Golf 6)
  • Finally, the pollen filter can too hidden behind the glove compartment (Example: Golf 7)

Our tip: If you are unsure where the filter is located, you can read this quickly. Simply take a look at the operating instructions for your vehicle.

You located the pollen filter? Perfect! Then you should now get a cabin filter that fits your car.

Pro Tip: Before you decide on a pollen filter, you should make sure that it is the right measurements and the suitable shape owns. It is easiest if you enter your vehicle data directly in the shop. This will get you to the right cabin air filter in no time. Are you looking for a particularly efficient filter? Then we’ll lay it for you activated carbon filter to the heart. Such as the Bosch cabin filter for the Golf 6 or the Atec filter for the SEAT Arosa. In just a few clicks, the filter is yours!

Replacing cabin filters made easy

Have you found the right filter? Very good! Then it can now get down to business. Many products come with very clear instructions. Nevertheless, we insist on providing you with detailed instructions for the three most common cases.

In many cars, the cabin air filter is located inside the vehicle. However, the filter housing can be accessed in different ways. As already mentioned, the case can either in the footwell (Case 1) or under the glove box (Case 2) to be found. Depending on the specific situation, changing the cabin filter will take place more or less quickly.

Case 1: Pollen filter change in the footwell (passenger side)

This is the simplest case. We will show you how the exchange works in concrete terms using the example of VW Golf 6:

  • Loosen stud bolts (on the passenger side, below the glove compartment)
  • Remove fabric panel
  • Unlock the pollen filter housing

Tip: To unlock the pollen filter housing, use the lever shown there and pull the Cover sideways to the right out of here.

  • remove filters
  • Insert new filter

Pro Tip: Due to its specific slanted shape, the pollen filter on the Golf 6 only goes in one direction. So it’s best to remember which way you pull out the old filter – then you align the new filter accordingly and push it into the housing. Easy right?

  • close the housing again
    • Here you push it cover careful to the left back in.
    • Make sure the cover is properly seated as it snaps into place to secure the pollen filter.
  • fabric lining again attach and screws again close
  • Finished!

Case 2: Changing the cabin filter – behind the glove compartment

In this case, access is behind the glove compartment. Changing the pollen filter is still easy, it just takes a little bit longer. We’ll show you how it’s done using one example VW Golf 7:

  • open glove box
  • Above right and left the retaining lugs simultaneously push upwards
  • glove box door push down
  • Tadaaa…: That Pollen filter housing is there!
  • noses of the filter housing successively unlockto open the case

Tip: If the lugs stick, you can carefully unlock them with a screwdriver.

  • Old cabin air filter careful pull out
  • new ones Slide filter in

Tip: Make absolutely sure that you filter the right way around insert: The Arrow should on the front to you visible be and downward demonstrate.

  • Filter housing flap again attach and the three retaining lugs again snap into place
  • Push the glove compartment flap back in
  • Finished!

Pro Tip: Make absolutely sure that both the guide of the glove compartment flap and the two retaining lugs engage in the right place!

Case 3: pollen filter change – under the hood

Is your air conditioning filter hidden under the bonnet? No problem! Because even in this case, the pollen filter replacement works – with just a few simple steps. And of course we support you here too. However, we want to provide some variety and provide you with the instructions in the form of a short YouTube video. Using the example of a SEAT Arosa, you will learn step by step how to change the cabin filter. Look inside!

So, now you know everything you need to know about changing the cabin filter. Have you got a taste for it and would you like to do something good for your engine? Then take a look at our article on changing the air filter!

As always, we are curious: Where is the cabin filter in your vehicle? How long did it take you to switch? We are looking forward to your comment!

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