Descale the iron – with this home remedy it works!

Hartes Wasser lässt die Düsen von Bügeleisen über kurz oder lang verstopfen. Zum Glück kannst du mit einem einfachen Hausmittel jedes Bügeleisen entkalken.

White stains, wheezing nozzles… When the iron is calcified, smoothing the laundry becomes a challenge. In order for your device to remain functional for a long time, it is all the more important that to descale the iron – regularly and with a simple home remedy.

Descale irons with vinegar

If you want to descale your iron, you don’t need any special commercially available descaler, because vinegar replaces numerous expensive drugstore products. Instead of vinegar you can also use the universal helper vinegar essence.

And this is how the steam iron can be decalcified with vinegar and vinegar essence:

  1. Empty the remaining water from the iron’s tank.
  2. Make a mixture of 100 milliliters of water and 100 milliliters of table vinegar or 15 milliliters (corresponds to one tablespoon) of vinegar essence and pour it into the iron (using a funnel).
  3. Set the appliance to the highest level and release a few bursts of steam so that the water and vinegar mixture can clear the blocked nozzles.
  4. Then switch off the iron, leave the vinegar mixture to work for another 20 minutes and finally empty the tank and rinse with fresh water.

Tip: If you use distilled water or rainwater for ironing, you don’t have to worry about limescale and you don’t need to descale the device.

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