Glycerin: Use of the versatile home remedy

Die Verwendung von Glycerin ist ausgesprochen vielseitig: Das Hausmittel macht sich für Haut und Haar, im Haushalt und sogar in Lebensmitteln nützlich.

Have you already discovered the versatile glycerin for yourself? It is suitable for the care of skin and hair and in the manufacture of cosmetics, is used in the household for cleaning and care of surfaces and is useful for removing stains. Even for groceries that is glycerin usage suitable. Here you can find out how and where you can use the home remedy.

What is glycerin?

Glycerin, also known as glycerin or glycerol, is a viscous, colorless and odorless liquid that attracts water. The substance is one of the alcohols and is also referred to as sugar alcohol due to its sweet taste.

Many natural fats and oils contain glycerin in bound form. Pure glycerine is obtained during the saponification of oils (when making soap at home or, for example, during the industrial production of bio-diesel).

A notice: Many glycerin products are based on palm oil or animal fats. Palm oil-free, purely vegetable glycerine made from organic raw materials is available in the smarticular shop.

glycerin for the skin

Glycerin absorbs and stores water – an ideal ingredient for moisturizing skin and hair care products. It absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft, smooth and firm. It also reduces redness and skin irritations, prevents the formation of scaly skin and wrinkles.

At the same time, glycerin in cosmetics ensures a smoother consistency and prevents it from drying out.

Skin care shaking lotion

A shake lotion with glycerin is made quickly because the ingredients can be filled without stirring or heating and without an emulsifier. Instead, they are mixed by briefly shaking them before each use.

You also need a (spray) bottle with a capacity of 100 ml and a small funnel for filling.

How to make the Glycerine Shaking Lotion:

  1. First fill the watery ingredients into the bottle using the funnel and mix by swirling.
    The use of glycerin is extremely versatile: the household remedy is useful for skin and hair, in the home and even in food.
  2. Add the oil and, if desired, essential oil and vitamin E to the watery ingredients in the bottle and seal.
    The use of glycerin is extremely versatile: the household remedy is useful for skin and hair, in the home and even in food.

The skin-caring, heavenly scented lotion is ready! Before each use, shake vigorously and apply a small amount (one to two sprays) to hands or face. The shaking lotion absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

Tip: Unlike curd soap, for example, skin care is included in glycerin soap. Transparent glycerine raw soap is also particularly suitable for pouring individual soaps yourself.

Pouring soap is easy with glycerin soap.  No caustic chemicals are necessary for this, so that children can also join in.

Glycerin for hair care

Glycerin can be used in conventional hair care products as well as in your own formulations. Hair treated with products containing glycerin looks fuller and healthier, unruly hair is easier to tame.

The scalp also benefits from the moisturizing substance, which counteracts dryness, itching and dandruff.

Hair soap with glycerine provides the hair with moisture and makes it supple – ideal for gentle hair care without skin-irritating and environmentally harmful surfactants.

Use glycerin in the household

The versatile properties of glycerin are useful almost everywhere in the household:

Glycerin as rubber care

The water-binding effect also keeps rubber supple. Seals on car doors and refrigerators or rubber boots, for example, benefit from this. Simply apply a thin layer of glycerine and rub with a rag to extend the life of the rubber.

Motorists may be familiar with glycerin as an antifreeze in the windscreen washer system. Glycerine freezes at -18 °C, so that the freezing point of the windscreen washer fluid can be significantly reduced depending on the mixing ratio. At the same time, it cares for the squeegees.

de-icing and de-dusting

The low freezing point is also useful when defrosting the refrigerator: it takes longer for ice to form again on the interior walls wiped with glycerin, which is also easier to remove during the next defrosting.

To prevent mirrors and glasses from fogging up, you can rub them with a little glycerine and then polish them off with a cloth.

The use of glycerin is extremely versatile: the household remedy is useful for skin and hair, in the home and even in food.

Rubbing smooth surfaces such as tiles or windows with glycerin prevents dust and dirt from settling. Simply put a few drops of glycerine in a small bowl of warm water and wipe the surfaces with it after cleaning.

Tip: This anti-dust spray also ensures that surfaces remain dust-free for longer.

care for clothes

Glycerin is an excellent degreaser and therefore ideal for removing stains. Be it grease stains from sauce or lipstick, but also grass stains, coffee splashes or spilled wine: put some glycerine on a cloth, dab the stains with it and wash them out with water or add them to the normal wash to make the stains disappear.

When washing wool, a tablespoon of glycerine can be added to the last rinse as an environmentally friendly fabric softener – what cares for the hair also makes wool particularly soft and cuddly.

Glycerin as an emulsifier

In a homemade home fragrance, glycerin keeps the other ingredients from separating over time.

A fresh room fragrance creates a good mood - but who needs electronic devices or expensive fragrance mixtures for that?  Just make your room fragrance yourself!

Glycerine is also fun: soap bubbles last longer and shimmer even more colorfully if a few drops of glycerine are added to 250 ml of soapy water and 20 ml of (homemade) washing-up liquid for the soap bubble mixture. Bubbles that are blown through large, self-bent wire loops float through the air for a long time.

The use of glycerin is extremely versatile: the household remedy is useful for skin and hair, in the home and even in food.

Glycerine is also known to keep the Christmas tree fresh for longer: A little glycerine in the water prevents the tree from getting needles prematurely.

Tip: A well cared for Christmas tree in a pot is more sustainable and lasts even longer.

glycerin in food

Glycerin is used as an additive E422 in the food industry. Since it has a sweet taste, it is mainly used for sweetening and as a humectant, for example for dates or chewing gum.

Anyone who likes to bake cakes can also use glycerin in their own kitchen. Fondant becomes and remains supple when a little glycerine is added to the mass. For homemade fondant, up to a tablespoon of glycerin can be added to 1000 grams of powdered sugar. Finished fondant becomes more supple with just a few drops.

A notice: Although glycerin is an alcohol, it has no “per thousand” and can therefore be consumed by children without hesitation.

Can glycerin be harmful?

In a suitable dosage, glycerin is a particularly skin-friendly ingredient for skin and hair care products. The concentration in it should not exceed 30 percent, about 10 percent is sufficient in most recipes. Pure glycerin, on the other hand, can lead to skin irritation.

Glycerine absorbs water from its environment and releases it to the skin. However, if neither the skin care products nor the air contain enough water, the moisture is withdrawn from the skin, so that the moisturizing effect is reversed. It is therefore advisable to only process glycerin in formulations containing water.

As a food additive, glycerin is considered harmless and is permitted without restrictions. However, if large amounts are consumed, dehydration can cause headaches and nausea.

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What other uses for glycerin do you know? We look forward to additions from you in a comment!

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The use of glycerin is extremely versatile: the household remedy is useful for skin and hair, in the home and even in food.

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