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Golden Balls

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Script & app name: Golden Balls

Script & app name price: 19$

Script & app category: mobile/android/games

Script & app published: 2021-10-08T01:44:59+11:00

Script & app update: 2021-10-08T01:44:59+11:00

Script & app sales amount: 0 (New)

Script & app rating: 0 (New)

Script & app tags: android game,ball,Complete Project,endless game,fill,fun game,gold,hyper-casual,hypercasual,HyperCasual Game,iOS GAME,one tap,one touch,simple game,template

Script & App Description

Complete Unity game with implemented AdMob Ads. This project is compatible for android, iOS, WebGL, PC and many other platforms that unity supports.

Test it on this link:

Or download test apk file and test it on your android device:

Interstitial and Banner AdMob ads are implemented in this project. All you need to do is to:

Go to Assets – > Google Mobile Ads -> Settings and put…


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