How to Solve Not Enough Space Error on the Device? 2022

How to Solve Not Enough Space Error on the Device? The answer to the question is here…

One of the most common problems in smartphones or computers is that their memories fill up immediately and give the device not enough space error. Especially in these low capacity devices, there is a warning.

In devices with insufficient capacity, it can be filled immediately with a few files. It does not allow you to download or upload another file, photo, music. There are many ways to get rid of such situations, and which one you choose is entirely up to you.

How to Solve Not Enough Space Error on the Device?

If the memory space of your device is low, the first thing to do is to increase the memory. For this, it will be enough to insert micro SD cards. You can save all your transactions in this field.

Micro SD cards differ according to the amount of memory. According to your needs, you can install a micro SD card such as 2,4,8,16 GB, 32,64,128 and 256 GB and you can create a solution for the error in the device.

Our advice: if your phone doesn’t support it, you can root out the problem by buying a 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB memory card.

If you cannot buy or insert a card in this way, you can move the data on the existing phone to another area or delete it if you have unnecessary files.

Apart from that, every time you log into the applications installed on your phone, it takes the free space in the memory and writes it to its cache and does not leave you free space.

By entering the settings of your phone, you can clear the data in the cache of these applications from the application settings and free up space for yourself and eliminate the error in the device.

Device Not Enough Space Error Solution 2 (Workaround)

1- Go to Settings

2- Open Applications Here

3- Choose an application that you want from the applications and especially that makes the phone very busy such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp

4- Select the Cache

5- Select Clear Cache, Or Erase Data, Clear Data. May vary by phone.

This will increase the application memory by deleting the cache used by applications. However, Facebook will not automatically log in when you want to log in to Instagram and you will have to login by entering your information again.

6- Browse apps and games, uninstall apps and games you aren’t using

7- The size of the games especially children play can be quite high. You can start the removal process from them

8- Remove the videos and pictures you want by entering the Gallery. Especially the videos take up a lot more space and you can remove them as a priority.

9- Find the Downloads folder on your phone and clean the unnecessary files.

10- By entering the Google Play or Apple App Store, you can care for your device by downloading an application that you trust by writing the device maintenance and downloading the application with the best score and comments.

The smartest thing among the solutions we offer is to fix this solution by inserting an external memory, i.e. micro SD card, if you do not want to change the phone.

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