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Effektive Mikroorganismen sind ein umweltfreundliches Hausmittel mit vielen Einsatzbereichen. Hier findest du Antworten auf die wichtigsten Fragen!

on topic Effective Microorganisms (EM) the spirits separate! While some swear by the versatile areas of application of the environmentally friendly mixture of microorganisms, others doubt the effectiveness of EM products.

In this article we provide answers to the most important questions about effective microorganisms. And leave it up to you to decide whether you want to give the ecological alternative in your household, garden and Co. a chance.

What are Effective Microorganisms?

A mixture of microorganisms is referred to as effective microorganisms – including various strains of bacteria and fungi. They are said to have an inhibiting effect on harmful microbes (e.g. putrefactive bacteria) and to promote the natural balance of beneficial microorganisms, resulting in many possible uses in everyday life.

Tip: With the help of effective microorganisms, you can make your own bokashi from food waste. All you need is a bokashi bucket and a bokashi ferment inoculated with EM.

Effective microorganisms: effect

Effective microorganisms contribute to a healthy, constructive microbial balance. The metabolic processes of the microorganisms contained also release a wide variety of vital substances, including minerals, vitamins and trace elements, which can have a positive effect on soil life, human digestion and other areas of application.

Specifically, effective microorganisms help, for example, to reduce bad odors and pathogenic germs and support the development of healthy soil, which is why they are used as a natural cleaning agent as well as fertilizer and to strengthen plants.

Effective microorganisms are an environmentally friendly household remedy with many uses.  Here you will find answers to the most important questions!

EM is also used for body care and as a dietary supplement – for example for intestinal rehabilitation. Animal owners use the positive effect to clean stables in a natural way and to promote the health of the animals.

Effective Microorganisms: Application

For practical use in the home, garden and Co., Effective Microorganisms are diluted in water or placed on a carrier medium (such as litter, vegetable charcoal or clay) and applied to the desired place of action. In addition, numerous ready-to-use specialty products containing EM together with complementary active ingredients are available.

In the garden, for example, a small portion of EM in the irrigation water can promote the uptake of nutrients by the plants and strengthen their defenses against pests and plant diseases. In the home, Effective Microorganisms serve as a natural all-purpose cleaner and eliminate bad odours.

The exact dosage recommendation varies depending on the area of ​​application and goal, but also depending on the manufacturer. This may also be due to the fact that it is a natural product with a varying composition. For this reason, it is particularly advisable for EM newcomers to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using it.

Buy effective microorganisms

Effective microorganisms are available in hardware stores as part of so-called soil improvers and plant strengtheners. There are also some online shops that specialize in EM and mostly produce their products themselves:

Effective microorganisms: criticism

While some swear by the odour-binding, soil-improving and cleaning effect of the effective microorganisms, others criticize that this has not yet been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, in addition to numerous positive private user experiences, agricultural businesses are also convinced of EM and enjoy the falling costs for fertilizers and pesticides as well as lower veterinary costs.

Since EM products are harmless when used correctly, we believe that trying them out and gaining your own experience cannot do any harm.

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Effective microorganisms are an environmentally friendly household remedy with many uses.  Here you will find answers to the most important questions!

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