Remove rust – That’s how it’s done!


Air, moisture and metal – not a good combination. Why? Because it causes corrosion. Then it becomes important to remove any rust that forms. But not just because it looks bad. You can find out why you should still remove rust and how best to do it with us! We’ll tell you everything about removing rust – including professional tips and tricks. So are you ready? Then it starts!

Why should you remove rust?

If metal is no longer shiny and instead is dull and brown – then it is most likely rusty. The corrosion not only looks ugly, but can also attack the metal and, in the worst case, even dissolve it. But that’s not all: It is also important that you remove the rust as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • Only rust that has not yet eaten too deeply into the material can still be completely removed.
  • Once rust has formed, it will spread unless completely eliminated.
  • Rust can also often be found in places that cannot be seen – under the paintwork, for example.
  • Once the rust decomposes, it can also become dangerous.
    • For example, when important vehicle parts are affected.

Important: As soon as parts are already too rusty and the metal decomposes, you absolutely have to replace safety-relevant parts. We also have suitable contributions for this: for example for changing the brakes!

If it is no longer possible to remove the rust: replace affected parts

Now you know why it is so important to remove rust early – but how does it even work? Do not worry! Thats is quite easy. And next, we’ll tell you the best way to get rid of rust.

Remove rust: home remedies for rust removal

You probably already have everything you need to remove rust at home. Light to strong acids will help you get rid of rust. What exactly you need to easily remove rust with home remedies and how to do it, we’ll tell you now!

Derusting with citric acid

As the name suggests, this is where acid comes into play. But don’t worry – citric acid isn’t particularly strong. So you cannot injure yourself.

And this is how it works:

  • Squeeze the juice from a lemon or use ready-made lemon juice.
  • Mix this with lukewarm water.
    • You can now remove light rust with a soft cloth.
  • If the rust is a little deeper and more stubborn, it is best to let the citric acid soak in.
    • If the rust still cannot be removed easily, you can also scrub with steel wool, a wire brush or a scratch sponge.
  • Then you have to remove the remains of the acid, otherwise new rust can form very quickly due to the moisture.

Already knew? Citric acid is also available in powder form. You can get these in almost every supermarket!

Derusting_with_citric acid
Citric acid as a powder: agent for derusting

Not a fan of vitamins and therefore no lemon in the house? No problem! There are even more home remedies that help against rust – you’ll find out what those are if you read on!

Remove rust: Vinegar as a helpful home remedy

Vinegar is also an acid and therefore helps to remove rust. The good thing about vinegar: everyone usually has it at home.

And this is how you proceed when removing rust with vinegar:

  • First dilute the vinegar (or vinegar essence) – for example with oil or water (mixing ratio – 1:1).
    • Otherwise the acidity of the vinegar is too high and the metal will be attacked.
  • Apply the mixture to the rust-affected areas.
    • In addition, you can again work with tools such as steel wool, wire brushes and the like.
  • Let it soak for a few hours.
  • Finally, you have to wipe the mixture off again to avoid new rust formation.

Pretty easy right? But even if you don’t have vinegar at home, there is another home remedy for removing rust: what is it? Read on and find out!

Cola against rust: another home remedy against rust

Phosphoric acid is very effective against rust and is also found in most rust converters. This acid can also be found in small amounts in cola. Therefore, a cola bath is quite helpful against rust.

The disadvantages of cola:

  • Only small objects can be derusted.
    • Or do you want to bathe your whole car in coke?
  • To be truly effective, it takes a day-long soak in Coke.
  • Cola contains very little phosphoric acid.
    • Therefore, this method is only suitable if you want to remove light rust film.

By the way: One speaks of flash rust when the rust has only accumulated on the surface and has not yet penetrated deeper into the metal.

Remove_rust film
Flash rust: superficial rust that can be easily removed.

If you can’t get any further with household remedies because the rust is already too stubborn, you will have to resort to chemical rust removal for better or worse. But don’t worry – we’ll help you with that too!

Rust removal with a rust remover

Where the household remedies stop working, the rust remover only begins: In the case of particularly stubborn rust, only a chemical rust remover usually helps. The application is also super easy:

  • First, the rust remover is applied to the affected areas.
  • Then you let it take effect.
    • Exposure time may vary depending on how badly rusted the metal is.
    • However, you should let the rust remover work for at least 5 minutes.
    • If the rust is very severe, you can also leave the agent applied all night.
  • You can then try to remove the rust with a rag.
    • If it’s still too rusty, you can use steel wool, a wire brush or a scratch pad again.
  • If necessary, you should apply rust remover again and let it take effect.

As you can see, removing rust this way is very easy. A rust remover also offers a number of advantages. You want to know what those are? We’ll tell you.

Remove_rust_with_rust remover
Removing rust made easy: with rust remover!

Advantages of rust removal with rust remover

Not only is the use of rust remover sprays really easy – it also has other advantages:

  • Rust removers are pretty inexpensive: You can get such products from around €6.
  • Most of the time they only need one relative short exposure time.
  • They also have the advantage that not only rust is removed:
    • In addition, they also work preventive.
    • This is because most preparations are water-repellent (like WD40’s rust remover, for example).
Pro Tip: The WD40 multifunctional product is a true all-rounder. Not only can it loosen rust, it also counteracts annoying noises (such as squeaking brakes), cleans, protects and even displaces moisture! If it is not yet an integral part of your own workshop, you should definitely get one.

If some screws are rusted during necessary car repairs, you can quickly use the rust remover to solve the problem. Thus, this agent is also very helpful when changing tires if the screws are too tight!

Derust the car – get the underbody and body rust-free

With large parts such as the underbody and large rust spots on the body, you will unfortunately not get far with home remedies and a rust remover (or you will need a very long time for it). But there are also solutions for this:

  • For such cases there are sandblasters – mostly workshops are equipped with them.
    • For private use, however, the purchase is hardly worthwhile.
  • But you can also carefully remove stubborn rust with a grinding machine.
Rust Removal_Auto
Mechanical rust removal with a grinder – perfect for larger rust spots.

Well, that’s it from our side – now it’s your turn! Have you tried our tips before? What is your favorite rust removal method? Leave us a comment – we are curious!


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