Renew tile joints and color – that’s how it works

Fliesenfugen-Erneuern macht zwar ein kleines bisschen Arbeit, belohnt dich aber mit neuer Frische in Bad, Küche & Co - vielleicht sogar mit bunten Fugen.

The tiles are old and the mortar is already crumbling out of the joints or mold has settled in the joint compound: These are just two reasons for fundamentally renovating the joints to make the bathroom or kitchen even more beautiful. like you best Renew tile joints you can find out in this article.

If the joints don’t look that bad – for example, because they’re just unattractively discolored – try first of all to clean the tile joints with household products and make them shine again. It’s worth a test and may save you a lot of work. Another option is to color grout and bring more life into the room. More on that below.

Material for renewing the tile joints

To repoint tiles, old grout or grout must first be removed, which takes the most work. The new grouting afterwards is then comparatively easy.

Are needed:

  • on small areas, e.g. B. in the shower: joint remover or joint scraper
  • for large areas: angle grinder or multi-function tool with a cutting disc as an attachment
  • box cutter
  • vacuum cleaner
  • respirator
  • protective gloves
  • grout or grout
  • Joint board or joint spatula with rubber lip
  • Sponge board, alternatively large sponge

Renew tile joints – that’s how it works

Time required depending on the size of the area at least: 2 days.

This is how the tile joints are renewed:

  1. Remove and clean old tile joints

    Remove old grout or damaged grout using either a grout scraper or an electric tool from top to bottom to prevent new debris and dust from accumulating in grouts that have already been scraped free. Scrape out any residue with the carpet knife. Then vacuum the exposed joints thoroughly and wipe the tiles with a damp cloth to remove the last bit of dust.

  2. Apply new grout

    Mix the grout or grout according to the directions on the packaging. Then generously distribute the filling compound diagonally to the course of the tiles in the joints with a joint board or a joint spatula. The joints should be filled up to the edge of the tiles, because tile grout and mass will shrink a little when drying.Renewing tile joints may take a little bit of work, but it will reward you with new freshness in the bathroom, kitchen & Co - maybe even with colorful joints.

  3. Clean tiles

    When the grout begins to set, use a sponge that is only slightly damp or a large sponge to wipe away the remains of the filler on the tiles. Do not press too hard on the surface so that the mortar is not wiped away again.

Now the tile joints are new and beautiful! Grout or joint compound may take up to 24 hours to fully dry; good ventilation supports this process.

Tips for renewing the tile joints

With the following tips and suggestions, you can protect your health and save yourself work and possibly even money:

  • Renewing joints usually generates a lot of dust, which is not only harmful to the lungs but can also irritate the skin. Breathing protection, work gloves and the regular use of a vacuum cleaner are therefore particularly recommended.
  • The emptier the room is and the better permanently installed or difficult-to-remove elements are masked (e.g. toilet and sink in the bathroom, sink and stove in the kitchen), the less you have to clean later.
  • If you want it to be quick but don’t want to pay the cost of electrical equipment, you can rent the device. For example, you can find rental shops near you on the zero-waste map. Some hardware stores also offer a rental service for tools of all kinds. Alternatively, in larger cities, you can also borrow a toolbox that you have put together yourself at
  • Keeping the tiles dry and airing them out regularly prevents mold from forming again.

Color tile joints

If the joints between the tiles have a different color than the usual white-grey, this can set beautiful accents in the room. It is therefore worth considering using tile mortar of the same color when renewing the tile joints or coloring conventional joint mortar with pigments.

If the joints are still in order and you just want to set a new color accent, you can also embellish them with special joint colors or joint pencils. The prerequisite is that the joints are thoroughly cleaned beforehand.


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