Repairing and touching up wood: The best tips

Holz reparieren leicht gemacht: Flecken, Dellen und Kratzer in Holz lassen sich mit einfachen Mitteln ausbessern - zum Beispiel mit DIY-Holzkitt.

How can dents in the cupboard door, stains on the table, scratches in the parquet or even a crack in the dresser door be repaired? These are questions that inevitably arise when wooden furniture and floors have gotten smaller or larger flaws over time. like yourself repair wood and repair, you will find out in this article.

In most cases, the damage can be repaired relatively easily, and expensive special agents are not absolutely necessary. On the contrary: Often you probably already have everything you need at home.

Remove stains from wood

The means by which stains can be removed from wood depends on the type of stain. Light-colored water stains, for example, often disappear simply by blow-drying, while grease and wax stains can be easily removed from the wood with an iron and a layer of absorbent material. If that is not enough, it can also make sense to grind the affected area. In another post, we have collected the best tips on how to remove stains from wood.

Remove scratches from wood

The iron can also be used to remove smaller dents and scratches from the wood – this time in conjunction with a wet cloth. Because the resulting moist heat causes the compressed wood fibers to straighten up again. And coffee and tea may not make a scratch go away, but they can conceal it very well so that it is no longer as noticeable. You can find out exactly how this works and how other small dents and scratches can be removed from wood in a separate article.

Repair wood with homemade wood putty

If a piece of furniture made of wood has larger holes or cracks, it is worth mixing wood putty or wood filler yourself, with which the damage can be repaired.

Materials needed:

For repaired areas that are in the visible area, it is recommended to use sawdust of the same shade of wood. If they are then painted over anyway or are not visible, the color of the sawdust does not matter.

Needed time: 8 minutes.

The DIY wood putty is quick to make, but it takes about 24 hours to dry and is then sanded down. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Mix wood putty

    Mix enough sawdust with wood glue in a suitable container to form a creamy paste. Ideally, it should be firm enough not to runny, yet soft enough to spread easily through the hole or tear. The ratio of sawdust to wood glue varies depending on the type of wood and the size of the sawdust particles.Repairing wood made easy: stains, dents and scratches in wood can be repaired with simple means - for example with DIY wood putty.

  2. Sand the repaired area and treat if necessary

    Sand away any unevenness, for example first with coarse sandpaper (100 or 120 grit), then with fine sandpaper (200 to 240 grit). Treat the sanded wood, for example with varnish, wax or oil, to adapt the repaired area to the environment.

You can find out in our book how you can do many other things yourself with simple means and save plastic at the same time:

What tricks do you know for repairing or touching up wood? We look forward to your ideas and additions in the comments!

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Repairing wood made easy: stains, dents and scratches in wood can be repaired with simple means - for example with DIY wood putty.

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