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Stripe Payment Terminal

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Script & app name: Stripe Payment Terminal

Script & app name price: 39$

Script & app category: php-scripts/shopping-carts

Script & app published: 2012-12-28T02:16:32+11:00

Script & app update: 2020-10-29T04:01:26+11:00

Script & app sales amount: 784 (New)

Script & app rating: 4.69 (New)

Script & app tags: amex,credit card payments,mastercard,payment form,payment gateway,paypal,paypal recurring,recurring billing,stripe,stripe uk,,trial periods,visa

Script & App Description

Stripe Payment Terminal - 1

Stripe Payment Terminal - 2
Stripe Payment Terminal - 3
Stripe Payment Terminal - 4Stripe Payment Terminal - 5
Stripe Payment Terminal - 6
Stripe Payment Terminal - 7
Stripe Payment Terminal - 8

Demo Administration Panel login:
[email protected] / 123456

Test Credit Card Info:
Please type any credit card name, card number should be – 4242424242424242 with any CVV and any future date. (Other cards can be found here:


Version 2.2.1 – released October 28, 2020
– Bug: fixed undefined variables issue when using taxes module;

Version 2.2.0 – released September 25, 2020
– Feature: Added option to refund payments through the terminal;
– Feature: Added recurring items in an invoice;
– Feature: Added taxes for products & services option;
– Feature: Added option to pre-set invoice terms & conditions;
– Feature: Added option to send a copy of…


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