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Schmierseife ist Allzweckreiniger und Fleckentferner zugleich. Sie bekämpft auch Pflanzenschädlinge effektiv - preiswert und ökologisch unbedenklich.

Soft soap, too potash soap or Green Soap called, is a cheap and ecological all-round cleaning agent. In addition, the soap paste is also excellent against voracious aphids and painful nail bed infections. In this post, we have our best tips for Application of soft soap collected.

Remove stains with soft soap

Soft soap is very easy to use to remove stains and especially to get rid of grease stains. The following method works for fresh grease stains, fruit juice and carrot juice stains, and grass stains, among others. It also helps to get dirty shirt collars clean again

That’s how it’s done:

  • Rub the stain thickly with the undiluted soap paste.
  • Leave the soft soap on for five to ten minutes.
  • Rinse out the soap with lukewarm water and wash the textile as normal with the next wash.

Interestingly, grease stains can also be removed from concrete or stone floors in this way: simply let the soft soap work in and then rinse off with plenty of water.

Tip: Soft soap is too aggressive for fibers such as wool or silk. In such cases, why not try this do-it-yourself wool and delicates detergent.

Clean floors gently with soft soap

Vinegar and other acids, but also some surfactants are not suitable for cleaning marble, slate and granite surfaces, because they would attack the lime components of the material. A case for soft soap: with a small portion of it in the cleaning water, natural stone floors can be kept clean effectively and gently.

Soft soap is also suitable for cleaning sealed and waxed wooden floors; a special wood soap is not necessary in most cases.

Clean the bathtub with soft soap

Treating the bathtub with soft soap is also good. Apply, leave to take effect and rinse off with clear water – this is usually sufficient for light soiling. You can find out how to clean the bathtub and remove stubborn dirt in a separate article.

No harsh special agents are required to clean the bathtub.  Environmentally friendly home remedies are enough to make the tub and fittings shine again.

Use soft soap in a variety of ways in the garden

The productive soap paste can also be used outdoors. For example, use soft soap in the garden as an ecological remedy against aphids. To do this, a tablespoon of soft soap is dissolved in a liter of water, mixed with alcohol in severe cases and simply sprayed onto the affected plants.

Soft soap can be used for many purposes in the garden.  As a cheap household remedy, it helps against pests and as a cleaning agent.

Soft soap is also a wonderful home remedy that can be used to remove verdigris and green growth from garden furniture, palisades, stone walls and flower pots. To do this, dilute the soft soap with water and rub the affected objects thoroughly with the mixture, preferably with a root brush. Leave to act, rinse off and repeat the procedure if necessary.

Clean greasy dishes with soft soap

Since soft soap dissolves fat and is even more alkaline than baking soda dissolved in water, it is also ideal for a homemade washing-up liquid for very greasy dishes, because alkaline agents neutralize fatty acids particularly effectively.

Make your own washing-up liquid to remove greasy and encrusted residues on pots, plates and pans: No problem with baking soda and soft soap!

Clean hands thanks to soft soap

Soft soap also helps if your hands come into contact with greasy dirt in the garden or when repairing a car: Simply mix a little of the soap with baking soda and water to form a hand washing paste, rub your hands with it and then rinse thoroughly with water. It is best to apply lotion to your hands afterwards, because the soft soap also pulls the fat out of your skin.

A liquid hand soap with soft soap, on the other hand, is gentler and contains moisturizing oils.

Clean small wounds with potash soap

Soft soap has a disinfecting effect. That’s why smaller wounds can be washed with soft soap and water for first aid before they can be properly treated. Medical soft soap or potash soap (soft soap based on linseed oil, available in pharmacies), which is also used to treat skin problems such as abscesses, is best suited for this.

A hand bath with soft soap and water also helps against nail bed inflammation. To do this, dissolve soft soap in lukewarm water and soak the affected finger or toe in it for about ten minutes.

Soft soap is an all-purpose cleaner and stain remover at the same time.  It also combats plant pests effectively - inexpensive and ecologically harmless.

What actually is soft soap?

Soft soap is made by saponifying animal or vegetable fats with caustic potash. This gives it a more pasty consistency than the solid curd soap that is made with sodium hydroxide. You can read more about the differences between soft soap, curd soap and natural soap in a separate article.

Rapeseed, hemp and linseed oil are used for green soap (not to be confused with the neutral soap from a well-known manufacturer), while pure linseed oil is used for potash soap or medicinal soap. Depending on the intended use, it is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to the fats from which it was made when buying soft soap.

A special form of soft soap is liquid soft soap, during the manufacture of which the soap paste is diluted with water so that it spreads more quickly in the water. It often contains additives that are not necessary or useful for all applications. However, liquid soft soap is not only ideal for cleaning, but also for felting wool – for these felt balls, for example.

In our books you will find out how easy it is to make numerous cleaning and body care products from just a few household products:

How do you use soft soap in the home and garden? We look forward to your tips and additions in the comments!

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Soft soap is an all-purpose cleaner and stain remover at the same time.  It also combats plant pests effectively - inexpensive and ecologically harmless.

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