These home remedies will save your clothes!

Sonnencreme-Flecken gehören zu den hartnäckigsten Verschmutzungen auf Sommerkleidung. Wie du Sonnencreme-Flecken entfernen kannst, erfährst du hier.

They are yellow, unsightly and extremely difficult to remove: sunscreen stains cost us many a dream summer. Fortunately, there is a home remedy for almost every stain. In this article you will find out which of them Remove sunscreen stains and how they work.

Why does sunscreen leave yellow spots?

The reason for the ugly yellow stains that sunscreens leave behind, especially on light-colored textiles, are the organic UVA filters that protect the skin from harmful solar radiation. They are often bound in an oil/fat base and transfer their color to textiles or plastics under the influence of sweat on contact.

Basically, the higher the sun protection factor of the sunscreen and the longer the stain is on, the more difficult it is to remove afterwards.

Remove sunscreen stains: Here’s how it’s done!

With these two simple home remedies, nobody will have to worry about sunscreen stains on white and light-colored textiles in the future. And the best thing about it: Both can be found in every household.

The following utensils are required for sunscreen stain removal:

A notice: We do not recommend cleaning wool, silk and other delicate fabrics in this way. Try another of the remedies listed below instead.

More home remedies for sunscreen stains

Our trick didn’t work for you? No problem: In addition to washing-up liquid and vinegar water, there are other home remedies that you can use to remove stubborn sunscreen from clothing.

baking soda

Baking soda is our favorite panacea in the kitchen, home, health and more. Due to its slightly bleaching effect, it is particularly suitable for cleaning white clothing. Wet the sunscreen messy area and sprinkle generously with baking soda. After half an hour, wash the clothes in the machine as usual.

Tip: Don’t have baking soda on hand? Then rely on commercially available baking powder, which is suitable for many unusual applications.

Sunscreen stains are among the most stubborn stains on summer clothing.  You can find out how to remove sunscreen stains here.

citric acid

Instead of using a water and vinegar mixture, you can also use citric acid to get rid of sunscreen stains on clothing. Simply mix with water in a ratio of 1:10 (eg 1 teaspoon of citric acid powder + 10 teaspoons of water) and soak the stain in the mixture for two hours. Then wash the garment as usual.

gall soap

By adding ox gall, gall soap is made from ordinary curd soap in the soap manufactory. Although this special soap is not vegan, it was used to remove stains in grandmother’s day.

Like washing-up liquid, the fat-dissolving soap is massaged into the moistened stain until it foams. After 30 minutes exposure time, the textile can be washed in the washing machine as usual.

Sunscreen stains are among the most stubborn stains on summer clothing.  You can find out how to remove sunscreen stains here.

Avoid sunscreen stains

Better than trying to remove sunscreen stains with all sorts of tricks is simply avoiding them. You can do this by not slipping into light and sensitive clothes with fresh sunscreen on, but first allowing the sunscreen to penetrate your skin thoroughly.

By the way: Our homemade sunscreen is not spotless, but you know for sure that the sunscreen does not contain any questionable ingredients.

In our books you can find out in which areas you can still use home remedies and how you can give old clothes a second life:

Do you know any other home remedies for sunscreen stains? Tell us your tricks in a comment below this post!

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Sunscreen stains are among the most stubborn stains on summer clothing.  You can find out how to remove sunscreen stains here.

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