Top 5 Best Performance Gamer Computers

Top 5 Best Performance Gamer Computers

Amazing ultra-powerful and flashy overclocking machines, you want a performance monster computer with you. You want to play all games in ultra 4k quality without hanging out. Or do you want to rendering your videos in a short time, these computers are for you.

Top 5 Best Performance Gamer Computers

Play all the games that come to mind without hanging out!

What games have we played: Pubg Mobile Ultra, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – PUBG, Gta5, Fortnite, The Outer Worlds, Shenmue 3, Skull and Bones, Close to the Sun, Steel Division 2
Mortal Kombat 11, Jump Force, Cs Go, Zula, Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, The Occupation, Resident Evil 2
Divinity: Original Sin 2, What Remains Of Edith Finch, Rainbow Six Siege, Dark Souls III, Apex Legends, Trials Rising, Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn, Devil May Cray 5

This legendary video is the best of the best performance gaming monsters compilation. And in our video we’ve compiled and edited all of these gaming monsters for you. If I take these monsters off and on, beware of the kind that makes me say ….

Features of all Gaming Monsters in the video are listed below.
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TOP 5 Gamer Pc’s

** Hardline Gaming PC **

Intel Core i5 7600
ASUS Prime Z270-A
16GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Gigabyte G1
NZXT S340 Elite
Kingston HyperX 240GB SSD
Seagate BarraCuda 2TB HDD
Phanteks Glacier RGB Waterblocks
XSPC Radiators 120mm / 240mm
16mm Acrylic Tubing
Monsoon Compression Fittings
Mayhems Pastel White Coolant

** Ryzen Gaming PC *

*CoolerMaster H500P Chassis
AMD Ryzen R7 1700X
ASUS B350-F Motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 ASUS Strix OC
Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz RGB Edition
Seagate BarraCuda 2TB Hard Drive
Samsung 960 EVO 250GB M.2 Drive
NZXT Hue + Lighting Kit
CoolerMaster V750 Gold Rated PSU
CoolerMaster MasterFan Pro RGB Fans
CoolerMaster RGB Controller w / Splitters
Bitfenix Braided Cable Extensions
EK PETG Tubing 16mm
EK-FC Nickel / Plexi GPU Waterblock & Backplate
EK-CoolStream SE 240 Radiator
EK-XRES RGB 140 D5 Combo
EK-HD 16mm Fittings – Black
EK-M2 NVME Heatsink – Black
Mayhems X1 UV Blue
Miscellaneous EK Fittings

** OverKill Gaming PC **

Intel Core i7 Extreme 6950X
4x NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X (Pascal) (Quad SLi)
ASUS Rampage V Edition 10
Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz (8x16GB)
2x Samsung 850 Evo 2TB SSD (RAID 0)
2x Seagate Barracuda PRO 10TB
EVGA Supernova 1600 T2
Bitfenix Alchemy Cable Kit
Dual Loop EKWB Cooling System
Bitspower Chrome Fittings
Mayhems Aurora Red Coolant
8x Scythe Ultra Case 3000RPM
2x NZXT Hue +
2x Aquaero 5 LT Fan Controllers
NZXT Internal USB Hub

** Rog Dragon Gaming PC **

Intel Core I7 7800X
2x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti
Corsair Vengeance LPX RGB
Lian-Li PC-011WGX ROG
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
Seagate BarraCuda 2TB
NZXT Hue + Lighting Kit
Phanteks Glacier GPU Waterblocks
Phanteks C350I CPU Waterblock
Phanteks 16MM Compression / Rotary Fittings
16MM Acrylic Hard Tubing
EKWB 360MM CoolStream PE Radiator
Bitspower 250MM Z-Multi Reservoir
Phanteks Black Braided Cable Extension Kit
Mayhems Pastel Red Coolant

** GTX 1080 i9 Gaming PC **

Intel Core i9 7900X
Gigabyte X299 Gaming 7
Corsair Vengeance RGB 3200Mhz 128GB
3x NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti – Tri SLi
Phanteks Enthoo Elite – Gunmetal Gray
Corsair AX1500i
Corsair GEN2 Cable Replacement Kit
2x NZXT Hue + with AER Fans and RGB Lighting Kit
Lamptron Flexlight UV Strips
4TB Samsung 850 EVO
4TB Seagage BarraCuda Hard Drive
EK-FC Plexi CPU and GPU Waterblocks
EK PE Radiators (360mm & 480mm)
2x EK X3 Reservoir 250mm
Phanteks Black Compression Fittings
16mm EK PETG Tubing
Mayhems X1 Blue Coolant
Mayhems X1 Pink Coolant


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