Washing a down jacket – this is how down can be gently cleaned

Wenn du deine Daunenjacke waschen willst, beachte am besten diese Tipps, damit die Daunen nicht verklumpen, sondern wärmen wie zuvor.

if you your Wash down jacket If you want to, it is not advisable not to simply stuff them into the washing machine with other laundry. So that the down is just as fluffy and warm after cleaning as before, it needs a special treatment. You can find out how to wash your winter jacket properly here.

Wash down jacket

Down is made of keratin – similar to wool and your hair. They are very sensitive and can be damaged in normal washing and by conventional washing powder.

Therefore, first consider whether the down jacket really needs to be washed. If the jacket just smells musty and needs freshening up, hanging it outside on a hanger overnight is often enough.

For example, if only the collar and cuffs are dirty, the affected areas can also be cleaned with a damp sponge and some gall soap.

To prevent the down from clumping together or even breaking when washed in the machine, it is important that the jacket fits loosely in the drum without squeezing it. It is therefore advisable to wash the good piece individually.

In order to clean the down as gently as possible and not to damage it, a (homemade) wool detergent without stain removers or care additives or a special down detergent is suitable. Fabric softener should not be used as it clogs the fine feathers.

Unless otherwise stated on the washing label, you are on the safe side with a washing temperature of 30 °C or a cold wash.

A spin cycle is recommended with a maximum of 400 revolutions per minute, otherwise it is better to do without it altogether. Then carefully remove the dripping wet jacket from the machine and squeeze it out over the sink or bathtub.

The winter jacket can also be washed without a washing machine – preferably in the bathtub. At least three rinses are necessary to prevent the down from sticking together due to detergent residue.

drying down

Down also needs special attention when drying. To keep them from forming clumps, it’s important to keep moving and shaking them. A dryer is best for this. Putting a few tennis balls in the dryer helps to fluff up the little feathers as they dry.

After drying, let the jacket cool down and then check for residual moisture. If necessary, put it in the dryer again for a short time, as damp down can quickly become moldy!

Washing a down jacket without a dryer

Even if you don’t have a dryer available, you can dry a down jacket properly. However, this is quite time-consuming, because the jacket has to be fluffed up again and again so that the down doesn’t clump together!

To do this, spread the jacket out on a drying rack over the bathtub or outside, as it will probably drip a little at first. It is best to let them dry completely outside in the summer. In winter, a heated room is recommended for quick drying.

Tip: A pillow or a thin duvet with down filling can also be cleaned in the same way.

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If you want to wash your down jacket, it's best to follow these tips so that the down doesn't clump together, but warms up like before.

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