What is a Modem and Router? What are the differences? 2022

Modem vs router differences

People spend most of the day connecting to the internet. However, most people do not have internet, Modem, Router and modem cannot explain exactly what the router difference is.

When the modem and router we need to use the internet are involved, things become more complicated.

So what is the internet? So what is a Modem? So what is a Router?

The most important of these, “What is the difference between modem and router that people have difficulty in explaining? We explain them in the simplest way for you.

What is the internet, how does it work?

Internet is a word used in the meaning of “inter-network communication”. The Internet does not have an owner and is valid for everyone.

There are servers and clients in the internet world. Servers are machines that serve other devices and are directly connected to the internet. There is an e-mail server, web server, data server, and each server has an unchanged static internet protocol IP address. IP addresses enable computers to find each other.

What is a Modem?

Let’s explain where the modem name comes from. Modem: It consists of the words “modulator” and “demodulator”. The modem is a kind of network connection device and acts as a converter for connecting computers / other devices to the internet.

The modem converts the analog-type phone / audio line signal to digital and then converts the digital signals sent from the computer into analog signals and transmits them to the phone line. Thus, it is provided to connect to the internet. Modems are available such as ADSL, VDSL. This difference is stifled from internet technology.

What is a Router?

Router: Connects two or more devices with internet service providers anywhere. The router is referred to as a Router. Routers also take on the duty of helping the packages achieve their goals on the internet.

It allows you to take your 10 to 15 router packs from your computer whenever you visit a website anywhere.

How does wireless (Wi-Fi) internet work?

Wireless internet works just like Bluetooht technology. It uses radio frequencies to transmit signals between devices. A computer with a wireless internet feature connects to the Internet through the signals received from the wireless router over the Gigahertz range. The word Wi-Fi, which means wireless internet connection, stands for Wireless Fidelity and means wireless connection and is synonymous with wireless local area network WLAN.

If you want a wireless connection, you need a router device for wirelessly distributing the internet coming to the modem to the rest of the house. Just like computers, the router is connected to the modem via an Ethernet cable.

There are two types of router devices: Single unit router device and multiple unit router covering the whole house. For small houses or small offices, a single unit router as in the picture above will be sufficient, as there is no need to spread the Wi-Fi signal to much.

Most modems purchased include routers. Or the router has a modem inside. Internet service providers or modem / router manufacturers help the end consumer reduce costs by offering the two together in one place rather than buying 1 modem 1 router.

Modem vs. What are Router Differences?

The differences between the Modem and the Router can be briefly listed as follows: 1 – Mode of operation, 2 – Network structure and 3 – IP address management.

1 – Modems enable the use of the internet by converting the signals received by the internet service provider (ISP) into a structure that your computer will understand so that you can use the internet to your door at your home / office. The router, on the other hand, distributes the internet from your modem to your room so that all devices in the home / office can be used and activate the wireless internet mode.

2 – The modem has a WAN (Wide area network) network structure. Therefore, it only distributes wired internet. The router has a LAN (Local area network) network. Thus, it distributes both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) internet.

3 – The modem does not create a firewall against devices on your network. It cannot assign IP to each device separately. At this point, the router goes into the circuit. It recognizes, scans and assigns an IP to every device on your network. Creates a firewall to die for security vulnerabilities.

Let’s say when the Internet is not common or in the recent past, while modem and router are sold separately, today “modem router” is sold as a single device. Thus, both cost and cable and device clutter are not experienced. However, it can be said that when a modem and a router are separately, it will be higher in performance .

In this article, what is a modem, what is a router and modem etc. We tried to explain what are the router differences. In general, although things seem complicated, we can say that modem and router have the same structure.

Modem vs. Router  – Differences Video

Modem vs. Router Interface

It is possible to make modem / router internet settings by connecting to the modem / router interface with the administrator password. These settings are; internet connection passwords, Wi-Fi network name, wi-fi password, devices connected to the network, speed information of the internet.

To connect to the Modem / Router interface, you can access the modem interface by opening any browser on the computer and typing an IP address such as: Modem / Router interface IP addresses will differ according to the modem and router models.

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