With this simple trick, they’ll disappear instantly

Wenn du Erdbeerflecken entfernen möchtest, greife am besten auf diesen einfachen Trick zurück, der die Verfärbungen innerhalb von Sekunden verschwinden lässt!

Fruit stains are among the most noticeable and stubborn discolorations. Sometimes you just have to know the right home remedy for each stain to get rid of (almost) any dirt completely and in an environmentally friendly way. If you Remove strawberry stains If you want, you don’t even need a home remedy. A simple trick is enough to make the red color disappear completely in seconds!

Remove strawberry stains

Strawberry stains are a nuisance, especially on light-colored textiles. Instead of putting that shirt or pair of pants in the washing machine and hoping for the best, try this trick.

To remove strawberry stains, all you need is one ingredient:

Important: The hot water method is only suitable for fabrics that are not damaged by high temperatures – such as robust and widespread cotton fabrics.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan or kettle.
  2. Place the soiled garment in the sink or other suitable container with the strawberry stains on top.
  3. Pour the boiling hot water over the stains.

The strawberry stains will disappear completely within a few seconds – almost like magic. The trick also works for kitchen utensils and other heat-resistant items that have strawberry stains or even cherry stains.

Tip: The dye in the turmeric root is also very stubborn. Here are simple tips to remove turmeric stains.

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What stain removal tricks do you swear by? We look forward to many tips under the post!

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