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WooCommerce Category Merger

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Script & app name: WooCommerce Category Merger

Script & app name price: 18$

Script & app category: wordpress/ecommerce/woocommerce

Script & app published: 2022-01-08T19:44:50+11:00

Script & app update: 2022-01-08T19:44:50+11:00

Script & app sales amount: 3 (New)

Script & app rating: 0 (New)

Script & app tags: Match and Merge Tags,Merge Custom Tags,Merge Duplicate Categories,Merge duplicate categories and tags,Merge Duplicate Tags,Merge Multiple Categories,Merge WooCommerce Categories,Merge WordPress Custom Category,Merge WP Tags,Term Management Tools,WooCommerce Merge Bulk Categories,WooCommerce Merge categories,WordPress Merge Tags,WP Merge Taxonomy,Xfinitysoft Products

Script & App Description

Term Merger is a WooCommerce plugin that merge multiple terms (categories, tags, custom categories, custom tags) into one term (category, tag, custom category, custom tag).

Term Management Tool is a great WooCommerce plugin that merge multiple product Categories or Tags.

All posts of merging terms move into one term.

If you want to merge multiple terms into a new single term, then Term Merger provides the functionality to create a new term and merge multiple terms into a…


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